Air Purification Applications


Air Purification Applications

Rydair provides multiple indoor air quality management solutions for all type of building and projects namely schools, residential towers, transportation, office buildings and hospitals.

Rydair indoor air quality products are mounted in the central air conditioning system of the building to provide millions of human friendly ions. These positive and negative ions disperse in to the occupied spaces through HVAC system. These bipolar ions are safe but highly effective on pollutants like VOCs, bacteria, viruses,mold and fungus. We offer three different solutions. First one ne is the Bipolar ionisation which produces negative and positive ions and second one is the PCO technology which produces different H2O, Hydroperoxides, Hydroxyls and Superoxide.Third one is Hybrid solution of Bipolar and PCO technology.


RydAiR products are very versatile and are designed in such a way that it can be either used as self contained units or incorporated into ducting or exhaust system of the premises. RydAiR products typical application are:


Commercial Buildings


Health Industry

Food Services